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Basic Language Program (101-104)

The Modern Greek Language Program (GKM 101, 102, 103, and 104) introduces students of diverse backgrounds and interests to the language and culture of the Greek-speaking world. The classes offer students a unique experience to understand culture, history, customs, and modern life in Greece from the perspective of language.

Unlike many other universities, UIC offers a grammar-based instruction in Modern Greek. The Modern Greek language sequence at UIC introduces complex grammatical constructions; expands student vocabulary and oral composition of standard Modern Greek; and develops student speaking and writing ability with guided written translations and readings of texts from literature and the media.

The BLP is made up of a four course sequence. Not all courses are taught every semester.
course prerequisite semester offered
GKM 101 - Elementary Modern Greek I placement Fall
GKM 102 - Elementary Modern Greek II GKM 101 or placement Spring
GKM 103 - Intermediate Modern Greek I GKM 102 or placement Fall
GKM 104 - Intermediate Modern Greek II GKM 103 or placement Spring

Students who pass Modern Greek 104 fulfill the LAS language requirement.

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For more information on policies, placement, and course syllabi or for questions about Modern Greek at UIC, please contact the Modern Greek Basic Language Coordinator.

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