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Photo of Kershaw, Allan

Allan Kershaw, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor (In Memoriam)


Areas of Research and Publication:

Latin Poetry and Latin Textual Criticism

Courses taught:

  • Beginners' Latin I (LAT 101)
  • Beginners' Latin II (LAT 102)
  • Intermediate Latin I (LAT 103)
  • Intermediate Latin II (LAT 104)
  • Roman Civilisation (CL 101)
  • Introduction to Classical Literature (CL 102)
  • Classical Etymology in the Life Sciences / Medical Terminology (CL 201)
  • Gender and Sexual Orientation in Classical Literature (CL 211)

Selected Publications

“Propertius 4.5.19-20,” Latomus 57 (1998), 105-108

“Exclamatory Particles in the Tristia,” in Ovid Werk und Wirkung: Festgabe für Michael von Albrechet zum 65 Geburstag, ed. W. Schubert, Peter Lang (1998) 775-85

Review of M. Billerbeck’s edition with translation and commentary of Seneca’s Herculens Furens in the Journal of Roman Studies 91 (2001), 249-50

Allan Kershaw and Jeffrey Gore, “An Unnoticed Acrostic in Apuleieus Metamorphoses and Cicero de Divinatione 2. 111-12” CQ 58 (2008) 393-94.

Notable Honors

2008-2011, Fellow, UIC Honors College


BA, Leeds
MA, Leeds
MA, UC St. Barbara
PhD, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Research Currently in Progress

Notes on Virgil, Ovid, and Apuleius