Photo of Papamichos Chronakis, Paris

Paris Papamichos Chronakis, PhD


Classics and Mediterranean Studies


Building & Room:

1818 UH


601 S Morgan St.


Areas of Research and Publication:

Mediterranean social and cultural history; history of interethnic relations; Modern Greek history; History of the Sephardic Jews; urban history

Courses recently taught:

  • Empire and Nation: Violence and Cosmopolitanism in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1856-1922
  • The Rise of the Middle Class: Modernity, Nationalism, and Globalization
  • Failed States? Democracy and Dictatorship in Southern Europe
  • Drifting Cities. Multiethnic Societies from Empire to Nation-State
  • Unwanted and Uprooted. Minorities and Refugees in 20th-Century Europe
  • The Mediterranean City. Conflict and Coexistence in the Long 20th Century
  • Jews, Greeks, Muslims, Dönme and Salonicans. Living together in the Late Ottoman Empire
  • From Jews of Greece to Greek Jews. Jews in the Greek State, 1821-1950

Selected Publications


Guest Editor (with Anthony Molho & Eyal Ginio). “The Jews of Salonica in the Modern Period”, special thematic issue of Jewish History (Autumn 2014)

Research Projects:

Database of Greek-Jewish Holocaust Survivors’ Testimonies (, 2011-2013

Articles and Chapters:

“A National Home in the Diaspora? Salonican Zionism and the Making of a Greco-Jewish City,” Journal of Levantine Studies 8/2 (Winter 2018), pp. 59-84.

“‘We Lived as Greeks and We Died as Greeks:’ Salonican Jews in Auschwitz and the Meanings of Nationhood,” in Dirk A. Moses & Giorgos Antoniou (eds.), The Holocaust in Greece (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018), 157-180.

From the Lone Survivor to the Networked Self: Social Networks Meet the Digital Holocaust Archive“, Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History special issue on “Holocaust Research and Archives in the Digital Age” (August 2018): 52-84.

“On the ‘Multicultural’ Past of Salonica. Thoughts on Some Uses of the Concept”, Thessalonikeon Polis (June 2011): 22-27 (in Greek)

Book reviews:

“Honour and Gender in Historical Perspective. Insights from Modern Greece. Review essay”. Aspasia: International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Women’s and Gender History 1 (2007): 272-275

Greece, A Jewish History by Katherine E. Fleming. The Athens Review of Books 6 (April 2010): 42-46 (in Greek)

The Social History of Piraeus. The Formation of the Middle Class, 1870-1910 by Yannis Yannitsiotis. Historein/Ιστορείν 9 (2008): 130-134

Le goût de l’archive by Arlete Farge (Greek translation). I Avgi tis Kiriakis, Anagnosis (19 May 2005): 23 (in Greek)

Notable Honors

2011, The Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship, The Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe

2010, Project: Database of Greek-Jewish Holocaust Survivors’ Testimonies, John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation


BA, Thessaloniki
MA, Essex University
PhD, Crete

Research Currently in Progress

Work in Progress:

“De-Judaicizing a Class, Hellenizing a city. Jewish Merchants and the Future of Salonica in Greek Public Discourse, 1913-1914.” Jewish History (revised and resubmitted; awaiting final approval)

‘Cosmopolitans of the Levantine Type’: the Entrepreneurs of Salonica from the Ottoman Empire to the Greek Nation-State, 1880-1922 (monograph in preparation)