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Photo of Dickie, Matthew W.

Matthew W. Dickie, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Classics and Mediterranean Studies


Areas of Research and Publication:

Greek literature (Homer, lyric poetry and Hellenistic poetry); Greek and Roman moral attitudes; and the history of religions (belief in the Evil Eye, mystery cults, and Greco-Roman magic).

Selected Publications

Magic and Magicians in the Greco-Roman World. Routledge (2001) 392 pp.

“Who practised love-magic in Classical Antiquity and the Late Roman World?” Classical Quarterly 50 (2000), 563-83

“Narrative-patterns in Christian Hagiography,” Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 40 (1999), 83-98

“Bonds and Headless Demons in Greco-roman Magic,” Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 40 (1999), 99-104

“Exclusions from the Catechumenate: Continuity or Discontinuity with Pagan Cult,” Numen 48, 417-43


MA, Edinburgh
BA, Oxford
PhD, Toronto

Research Currently in Progress

A book on the Evil Eye in Greece and Rome, as well as a study of the philosophical background to Philostratus' Life of Apollonius of Tyana and the influence of that work on Neoplatonism.