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Photo of Dee, James H.

James H. Dee, PhD

Associate Professor Emeritus

Classics and Mediterranean Studies

CV Download:

James H. Dee CV


Areas of Research and Publication:

Greek and Roman Epic Poetry; Latin Poetry of the Augustan Age

Selected Publications

Iuncturae Homericae: A Study of Noun-Epithet Combinations in the Iliad and the Odyssey. Alpha-Omega, Reihe A, Vol. 256. Hildesheim/New York: Olms- Weidmann 2010, xvi & 487 pp.

Repertorium Ovidii Metamorphoseon Hexametricum: A Repertory of the Hexameter Patterns in Ovid, Metamorphoses. Alpha-Omega, Reihe A, Vol. 246 Hildesheim/New York: Olms- Weidmann 2006, xxi & 424 pp.

Repertorium Vergilianae Poesis Hexametricum: A Repertory of the Hexameter Patterns in Virgil, Bucolica, Georgica, Aeneis. Alpha-Omega, Reihe A, Vol. 243 Hildesheim/New York: Olms- Weidmann 2005, xviii & 458 pp.


BA, University of Rochester
PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Research Currently in Progress

Works in Progress

  • A book entitled The Death of the Afterlife, which examines and refutes notions about the afterlife, specifically those regarding the idea that personhood will survive or be reconstituted post-mortem.
  • An expansion of my 2004 CJ article The Absence of Whiteness, which explores the idea of conventional skin-tone racial identity, or lack thereof, on the part of the ancient Greeks and Romans.
  • A follow up to Iuncturae Homericae, which is to be a thorough study of the epithetic expressions gathered in Part 1.
  • An NEH Fellowship project entitled Humanitas Romana.
  • Introductory commentary in R. J. Cunliffe’s Lexicon of the Homeric Dialect and Homeric Proper and Place Names, a consolidated reprint which will see both works in a single volume for the first time.