Spring 2021 Courses

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Basic Language Program

Our Basic Language Program introduces students to the Arabic language and its related cultures.

Each course in the sequence is a 4-credit hour course that meets one hour a day, four days a week. Students in our courses learn to speak, read, write, and listen to modern Arabic. The things we learn in class provide a strong foundation for advanced classes and study abroad in Arabic-speaking countries.

The BLP is made up of a four course sequence. Not all courses are taught every semester.
course prerequisite semester offered
ARAB 101 – Elementary Arabic I placement Fall
ARAB 102 – Elementary Arabic II ARAB 101 or placement Spring
ARAB 103 – Intermediate Arabic I ARAB 102 or placement Fall
ARAB 104 – Intermediate Arabic II ARAB 103 or placement Spring

Students who pass Arabic 104 fulfill the LAS language requirement and are able to continue with 200-level courses.

Who to contact

For more information on policies, placement, and course syllabi or for questions about Arabic at UIC, please contact the Arabic Basic Language Coordinator.

Placement Test Information